Vululwani Loan Application System

The Vululwani Loan Application System, aka, Digital Lending Platform is an end-to-end workflow based solution enhanced by user-friendly features designed for seamless corporate lending: it can easily handle any complex product or company structures. The applicants can easily apply for a loan online, their submissions are then acessed by back-office staff through the Portal for further processing.

Key Features

1. Client Acquisition

2. Loan Application

3. Disbursement

4. Contract Management

5. Supported Loans

6. Other Features


What Vululwani Loan Application System (LMS) can do?

Our  Loan Application System is a comprehensive system that will run all critical stages of the lending process starting from data collection until fund disbursement – automating all the steps in between. It is designed to fit the market need for digital and automated lending experience.

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