Vululwani Loan Management System

Our loan management software can be used in any size of micro lending business, from small, single offices to big groups and even in banks. Our microfinance management software caters for any micro lending setup, from running your business centrally over the Internet or just managing your business locally in your office.

Why choose Vululwani Loan Management System (LMS)

Our Loan Management System (LMS) transforms the micro finance industry through technology. The system caters for standard, complex and completely customisable Loan Management Solutions. The system is flexible and contains thousands of various data elements that can be configured to facilitate loan management processes and custom reports.

Vululwani Loan Management System (LMS) Features.

Vululwani LMS is the loan servicing software with the industry’s most sophisticated mathematics and customizable interface for lenders with complex needs: The section below details some of the key features that our software delivers:

Key Features

1. Getting Started

2. Basics

3. Security and Privacy

4. The Maths

5. Origination

6. Interest Rates

7. Borrowers – Guarantors – Creditors

8. Local & International and Standards

9. Amortization Table

10. Easy User Customization

11. Tools

12. Alerts

13. Reporting – Invoices – Statements

14. APR Module

15. Accounting

16. Electronic Funds Transfer

17. Fees, Insurance and Taxes

18. Web Features

19. Cool Features

20. Investor Module

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